Multi Tool Baldes Segment For Granite Marble Cutting

Product Details

Multi Tool Baldes Segment For Granite Marble Cutting


Product Description:
Multi Tool Baldes Segment For Granite Marble Cutting, produced by Huazuan Diamond Tool Co., Ltd, is made from high grade diamond powder and metal bond material (Ti, Cr, Ni, Co, etc. ) to form chemical bonds. Diamonds and bond in every layer are carefully designed to rid itself of the prevalence of mechanical grip and reduce the shedding of diamond, which can increase the sharpness, prolong the service life and ensure the cutting stability of diamond segment. We are specialized in making multi layers and sandwich stone cutting segment with various standard sizes suitable for bridge saw or block cutters.

Mainly used for cutting granite blocks and slabs. 10-30pcs same diameter diamond circular saw blades per machine is suitable for 4 column machine, such as 1000mm, 1200mm and 1600mm multi- blades, which is very popular in granite block cutting industry.


1. High efficiency and output, low energy consumption.
2. Good cutting result: clean edge, flat surface and even size.
3. Scientific technology design, advanced quality control system to ensure quality consistency of diamond segment and blade.
4. Market approved quality.


Standard specification for Multi-blades segment for granite block cutting:

Diameter (mm)

Segment Dimension L x W x H(mm)

Segment No.(Per Set)

No. of blades

used together











Other sizes are available as per customers' request.

Attention for welding:

High frequency silver welded machine is recommended instead of welding by fire. Don't weld diamond segment for a long time, just a few minutes, otherwise the diamond inside might be damaged because of the high temperature, which will affect the cutting performance of the granite segment greatly.


Other specification or design of segment can be ordered by request.
Customize formula according to stone features, such as hard, medium-hard or soft.
Technical consultation support before and after sales.

Please try best to offer below information when you are placing order:

Diam.: (inch or mm)
Segment Size (LxWxH, and thickness of steel core if possible)
Segment Formation (sandwich type or multiple line type)
Cutting target (for granite, sandstone or other hard stone including quartz)
Order quantity (how many pcs of blade or how many sets of segment)
Machine power (motor/rotation speed if possible)
Feeding speed (meter/minute)
Expected cutting depth(mm, at every turn, to and from)
Cooling system(water cooling or oil cooling, is it including coolant, the rate, liter/m )
Expected delivery time

Established in 1994, Huazuan Diamond Tools is well-known as one of the leading multi tool baldes segment for granite cutting manufacturers and suppliers in China. There are groups of professional personnel working in our factory. If you are going to buy quality multi tool baldes segment for granite cutting at cheap price, please feel free to contact us and try our wholesale service.