Diamond Wire Saw For Marble Profiling

Product Details

Diamond wire saw for marble profiling cutting

Product Description:
With the advantage of low costs, accurate processing, less waste and eco-friendly, diamond wire saw has been used more and more for granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, travertine and concrete processing industry. Our diamond wire is the result of years of research until we obtained mature formulas, which allows us to offer an unbeatable diamond rope saw in terms of working life and speed and one of the lowest costs per square meter in the market.

Diamond wire saw for marble profiling is widely used to cut various types of marble arc board, marble cylinder operations, marble shaping operations, etc.

●  Easy manipulation and low cost
●  More precise and higher efficiency cutting
●  Smooth surfaces and clean edges
●  Low power consumption and less material waste
●  Small no

Main specification and technical data for reference:

Bead Diameter


Fixing Type

Hardness of material

Wire Speed (m/s)

Cutting Speed (㎡/h)

Life (㎡/m)

















Other specifications are available as per your request.

Some Recommendations:

●  Check the rotation of the wire regularly to avoid diamond beads one-side wear.
●  Inspect the worn condition of connections regularly, and change new one when it's necessary.
●  Set tension of¢4-5mm cable in 250-300KG.
●  Adjust the linear speed of the wire according to material being sawn.
●  Reduce the linear speed a little bit when sharpening a new wire.
●  Supply enough but no excess water when cutting, 15-25L/min.

Other specifications or fixing typs of wire saw can be ordered by request.
Customize formula according to stone features, such as hard, medium-hard or soft.
Technical consultation support before and after sales.

Please try best to inform information below when you are placing order:
Application (Quarrying, Squaring, Profiling or Cutting, etc.)
Processing Target (Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, etc.)
Stone Feature (Hardness, abrasiveness, etc.)
Diameter of the wire (7.2mm ~11.5mm)
Quantity (meters/pc)
Motor Power of wire saw machine (KW/HP)
Expected cutting speed and life(m2/h & m2/m)
Expected delivery time


Established in 1994, Huazuan Diamond Tools is well-known as one of the leading diamond wire saw for marble profiling manufacturers and suppliers in China. There are groups of professional personnel working in our factory. If you are going to buy quality diamond wire saw for marble profiling at cheap price, please feel free to contact us and try our wholesale service.