Marble Cutting Wheel Masonry Saw Diamond Blade Cutting Marble

Product Details

Marble Cutting Wheel Masonry Saw Diamond Blade Cutting Marble

Product Description of diamond blade

The diamond saw blade was made by mixed diamonds and various kinds of metal powder, metallic powder such as cuprum, ferrum, cobalt, nickel, tin, wolfram, wolfram carbide and so on. Because of its hardness, so it is unique tools and suitable use for processing of hard and crisp and nonmetallic material. For example: stone, bathroom, wall and floor tiles, glass, ceramic, fire-resistant material, semiconductor, gemstone, magnetic material, concrete and so on. Also for processing the nonferrous metal, alloy metal, wood, cuprum, aluminum, carbide, composite wear-resistant floor. At present, the diamond saw blade has been used extensively in building material, stone, ceramic, machine, oil industry and so on.

1. Item Description: 300mm Diamond saw blade for cutting Marble

2. Specification: 450mm(body diameter)×25.4(inner hole)×10mm(segment thickness)

3. Feature:No chip, Long life, Sharpness...

4. Application: Granite, Marble, Fiber Cement, Concrete...etc

Body Material


Body customizd size

250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm,...1200mm 

Body color

silver, OEM

Segment Material

Diamond + Metal powder(Cu, Fe, Ti, Co, Ni, W, WC..etc)

Segment number


Segment Dimension

L40× T4.0× H10mm

Customized segment size

1.7-3.4mm, OEM available

Segment shape

Slant, M, T, U, V, K, Incline...etc


Cold Press, Sintered

Welding method

Silver welding, Laser welding




High cutting efficiency with best performance, debris removal, reduce the interface between the blade and stone, competitive price to reduce your cost, minimize the cutting friction and noise, no chip, long life and sharpness

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