Sintered Granite Diamond Core Drilling Bit

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Sintered granite diamond core drilling bit 

HUAZUAN Sintered Diamond Diamond Drill Bit

Diamond Sintered Diamond Drill Bits are also know as Sintered Diamond Core Drill Bits or Sintered Diamond Hole Saws.  These are professional quality, heavy-duty diamond drill bits designed for use on ceramic tile, porcelain tile, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, quartz and other stone, plus bricks, masonry, concrete block, and concrete.  Water must be used for lubrication.
Sintered diamond drill bits are not very effective for glass type materials or softer stone materials such as slate and are not recommended for use on glass or slate.  Electroplated diamond bits are much more effective for those types of materials. 

Sintered diamond drill bits have the diamonds embedded into the metal of the drill bit tip rather than merely "boned" to the tip as with electroplated diamond drill bits.  As the tip wears down on a sintered diamond drill bit, new diamonds come to the surface.  The tip sidewall of HUAZUAN Sintered Diamond Drill Bits is 2mm thick on the smaller size bits (1" and below) and increases to 2.5mm to 3mm thick on larger size bits. 

Sintered diamond drill bits are heavy-duty bits designed for long life.  Generally, sintered bits will have a long life of 20 to 30 or more times the life of a electroplated diamond drill bit, if used properly.  The heavy-duty design provides long life when drilling in very hard materials such as porcelain tile, granite and hard stones.

Diamond drill bits are easy to use, but there are many drilling techniques that are different from standard steel-bit drilling.  Diamond drill bit usage can also vary depending upon the diamond drill bit type and the specific manufacturer.

Diamond Drill Bits

Recommended Drill Speeds

Designed for long-term use in materials up to 1-3/4" thick
(Not for use with Hammer Drills)

Sintered Diamond Drill Bit
with optional center pilot bit.

Because diamond drill bits are used to drill in extremely hard materials, it is very important to use proper drill pres to keep from overheating the drill bit.  Excessive pres is merely converted to heat energy and can burn up a bit or cause heat fractures in the material being drilled.

Sintered Diamond Drill Bits
Recommended Drill Head Pressure

*WARNING:Drill press arm gears leverage hand pres by a factor of about 6 to 8. So 2 lbs of hand pres on the drill press arm can apply up to 16 lbs of pres to the drillhead.

Starting a Hole Saw / Core Drill and
Using A Center Pilot Starter Bit

Starting a core drill / hole saw style drill bit can sometimes be difficult. The Sintered Drill Bits over 1" in size are also designed to accept a Center Pilot Bit. The optional Pilot Bit is available below.

If a Center Pilot Bit is used to start the drill bit, it is important to remove the pilot bit as soon as possible after the diamond drill bit has started drilling.  The carbide pilot bits cause the diamond bit to drill very slowly and the pilot bit can wear out quickly when drilling in very hard materials.

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Established in 1994, Huazuan Diamond Tools is well-known as one of the leading sintered granite diamond core drilling bit manufacturers and suppliers in China. There are groups of professional personnel working in our factory. If you are going to buy quality sintered granite diamond core drilling bit at cheap price, please feel free to contact us and try our wholesale service.