Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels Backer Pads Wet Use Diamond Flexible Polishing Pad

3 colour wet use diamond flexible polishing pad is very popular in Russia market.Diameter often is 4"

Product Details

Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheels Backer Pads Wet Use Diamond Flexible Polishing Pad

Quick Details of diamond flexible polishing

Brand Name: HUAZUAN

Pad Material: Resin+diamond

Outer Diameter: 100mm

Grits: 50#,100#,200#,400#,800#,1500#,3000#,buff

Backer: Velcro pad

Tool: Polishing pad

Polishing pads use: Wet type

Diamond grinder: Water grinder,angle grinder

Market: Global

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Normally skin packing +paper box,or can upon customers' requirement.
Delivery Detail:Within 7-10 days upon receipt payment

Description of wet use diamond polishing pad


For polishing curve surface of stone, granite,marble etc

use sequence: from rough grit to fine, finally polishing 

The shape of dry & wet polishing pad:1)Pane  2)Hexagon

Diameter: 80, 100, 125, 150mm,180mm,200mm

Grit: 50#, 100#, 200#,400#,800#,1500#,3000#,buff 

Set the speed at 3,000-4,000RPM

For polishing stone shaped, installed in  small hand grinder .

Category: wear resistant, sharp type.

Applicable machine: 

1) Portable Air Polisher.  2) Portable Electric Polisher.

Payment Term:

T/T 100%. PayPal,Western Union,Big order depended. 


Product Pictures

diamond flexible polishing.JPG

Remark of wet use diamond polishing pad: 

  1. Thread cap:Rubber/Aluminum Backer Pad  

  2. Packing: 10pcs/carton.  

  3. Angle Grinder

backer pads.jpg


Application of resin bond diamond grinding wheels: 

accurate polishing and buff for edge,inner arc and plane surface of granite,marble etc



Function of diamond flexible polishing: Fast polishing,high gloss finish and long lasting.


 Using tips for wet use diamond polishing pad:

1.Ware an apron,a gauze mask and safety glasses first.

2.Connect a back holder to the polisher or angle grinder and attach a wet pad of grit 50 to the back


3.Set the speed at 3,000-4,000RPM and start polishing process. 

4.Moving two passes across and one pass up and down is a good technique.Make sure all prior scratches are removed before moving onto the next grit.

5.Repeat the same process using all 7 pads to complete the polishing process.Polish from grit 50 to 

grit 3000 respectively.Do not skip.

6.If you want to achieve the best polishing results on granite or other natural stones,use Buff pad as 

the last step.Wet the work piece and run the Buff pad semiwet with very low water.When the water is consumed,the process is complete.Repeat as necessary to improve the luster and achieve the 

mirror effect result.

7.Dry pads are designed for use on jobs without using water,but polishing with a small amount of 

water to wet the object surface will ultimately reach a better result.

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